Wilcom Digitizing Tutorial


Welcome to Wilcom ES tutorial, it is leading embroidery software application in the world to make industrial design. Wilcom ES is a suite of CAD/CAM tools providing a fast, flexible way to create, edit, organize and stitch out embroidery designs. Wilcom ES lets you edit designs at any stage, or adapt existing designs for use with different fabrics and machines.

Introduction with Welcome screen:

Wilcom 7


Description of Digitizing tools:

Different digitizing methods or ‘tools’ are suited to creating different shapes or design elements.

Digitizing methods divide broadly into two categories — outline and fill. Run and Manual digitizing methods are used to digitize outlines or individual stitches. Inputs A, B & C are used to create filled columnar shapes with differing characteristics. Complex Fill and Fusion Fill™, the most commonly used digitizing tools, can be used to create almost any filled shape. You can adjust the settings of most of the digitizing methods by right-clicking the tools and selecting options in the dialog.



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