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Tutorial 3 : JUKI Programming software PM-1

This is our 3rd tutorial on Juki Programming software PM-1, I am thinking that you have already “Juki PM-1 3.20” If you don’t have this software please download from our website. Also read our previous post on “Juki pm-1 tutorial” click here to see previous post & keep remember please this material only for educational purpose.

Make a sewing pattern by following the previous lesson.

Now click on “Machine Data(M)” and select “Media Output (M)” then click on that.

Following massage will display top on the pm-1 screen, from here select the location where program (sewing data)  will be saved. (you can select any removable disk, memory card etc.). after that write the pattern number. then click on output. do not change the data type.

Now, you have successfully completed the job, Transfer this data inside the machine using pen drive or other media & enjoy.

For your clear understanding please follow the video tutorial.



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