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Tutorial 2 : JUKI Programming software PM-1

PM 1

Open JUKI PM-1 sewing pattern software, If you don’t know how to open this software click here to see our previous post.

After opening the program you will get following page.

PM 2

now click on “view” and “snap” then click on Polygonal line input tools then click on “Normal Stitch” tools.

PM 3

Then click on the working area you will see a point has been created using same procedure make anther points. finally will get a straight line. Now click on right button of the mouse or press enter a massage will display the PM-1 sewing area like bellows picture.

PM 4

from here you can change stitch length & Sewing speed accroding to your requirement. Also you can chose many other options that are displaying on the screen. Then click on ok.

PM 5

Now click on “Needle entry point detection” You will see dot point on the strait line what you made. then select a dot point and press arrow key of your keyboards.

If you dont have this software download from our website. It is only for educational purpose.

Dear reader for your kind help I have made video of the following task, Please see the video to make clear understanding.




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