To be a hacker

Hacking is not a magic, You will be hacker after gather some education & knowledge. To be a hacker follow bellows steps.

Step 1: Learn To Program In C

C programming is one of the most powerful languages in computer programming. It is necessary to really master this language. This programming language was invented by Denise Ritchie in between the years 1969 and 1973 at AT&T Bell Labs. C programming will essentially help you divide the task in smaller pieces and these pieces can be expressed by a sequence of commands.
Step 2: Learn More Than One Programming Language

when you are trying to become a hacker, it is very important to learn other modern computer programming languages such as JAVA, Perl, PHP and Python. One of the best ways to learn these is by reading books from experts. Java, PHP, Perl, Python
Step 3: Learn UNIX

UNIX is a multi-tasking and multi-user computer operating system that is designed to provide good security to the systems. This operating system was developed by some employees of AT&T in Bell Labs. The best way to learn it is to get into an open-source version (e.g. centos) and install/run the same on your own. You can operate internet without learning UNIX, but it is not possible for you to be an internet hacker without understanding UNIX.
Step 4: Learn More Than One Operating Systems

there are many other operating systems apart from UNIX. Windows operating system is one of the most commonly compromised systems, hence, it is good to learn hacking Microsoft systems, which are closed-source systems.

According to the National Vulnerability Database, Microsoft operating systems have a large number of vulnerabilities.

Windows OS installers are distributed in binary; therefore, it is not easy for you to read the code. Binary code is basically the digital representation of text and data that computer understands. However, knowing how programs are written for Windows and how different applications behave on this operating system will help.

One of the recent vulnerabilities of a popular OS was that Java Web Start applications get launched automatically even if the Java plug-ins are disabled. How to be a hacker is about knowing the weaknesses of these operating systems and targeting them systematically.

Step 5: Learn Networking Concepts

The networking concept needs to be sharp when you want to be a hacker.

Understanding how the networks are created is important, however, you need to know the differences between different types are networks. Having a clear understanding of TCP/IP and UDP protocol is a must to be able to exploit the vulnerabilities on World Wide Web.

Understand what subnet, LAN, WAN is and VPN.

The networking commands to do a HTTP request needs to be on your fingertips. The HTTP protocol is the gateway through which one enters the internet world. Hence, it is necessary to learn this protocol in order to break the barriers. The hackers often use the HTTP gateway to breach the security of the system and take control over it.

Apache Httpd is one of the most commonly used web servers and knowing in and out of it is going to empower you on any HTTP or other application layer protocol related endeavors.

Also Nmap is a powerful network scanning tool that is used by hackers and security professional across the world to identify vulnerable hosts. However, to effectively start using it you must understand the networking basics.

Step 6: Start Simple: Go Through Tutorials About Hacking

This is the simple and best way to start. Read as many tutorials as possible that are meant for hacking. These articles will give you insight and help you develop the attitude to be a hacker. Some tutorials will initiate you with Nmap, Nessus and Super Scan, some of the hacking programs or tools that hackers generally use. These tutorials are readily available over the internet; Both text and video tutorials are available for you to answer your question how to be a hacker.
Step 7: Continue Learning And Keep Listening To Security Talks

The key to success in the hacking career is continuous learning. Reading blogs for hacking available at sites such as hacker factor blog and IKEA hacker blog; participating in the forums such as and elite hack are great ways to refresh your knowledge as a hacker. The online video forums like TED or TechTalk are good sources to know more about the emergent hacking techniques and technologies that are being deployed. You should also try following the posts of famous hackers such as Adrian Lamo, Kevin Mitnick, Kevin Paulsen and Robert Tappan Morris.



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