Sewing pattern making tutorial:

Dear friend we will write step by step Sunstar SSP5 tutorial for you. First we will highlights actual data punching and editing technique. then all, the main program functions will be explained. Even simple description requires your full attention and thorough understanding. If you have an accurate understanding of basic functions, the level of use of the program could be notably enhanced depending on applicable capability of users.


Before delving into program details, the most basic knowledge to properly use the program will be explained.

The basic elements of the punching program include ‘running’, ‘satin’, ‘tatami’, and ‘bean stitch.’ These punching methods and their applications will be provided below. If you encounter any parts which are difficult to understand, you need to read the parts several times until they are thoroughly understood.

Hot Key of the Software:

Each program function is expressed in icon. Other hidden functions or frequently used functions are supported by key boards for user convenience. Hot keys mean predefined keys to use a specific function, and they are set as follows. The remembering of the hot keys defined below will enable more convenient and quicker operation. In this chapter, the pre-defined keys will be listed only, and more detailed ways of usage will be provided in the following chapter.

– F1: Select the satin function

– F7 : Select the tatami function

– 4 : Select the bean stitch function

– 7 : Select the temp line function

– Ctrl + Q : End the program

– Ctrl + N : Select new punching from the file menu

– I : Initial size (Draw again on the workspace)

– + : Enlarge the screen

– – : Reduce the screen

– G : Show/hide the grid

– A : Show/hide the image

– D : Show/hide the point

– X : X-axis based function

– Y : Y-axis based function

– J : Insert the idle jump stitch

– S : Insert the idle stitch

– U : Undo ( Up to 20)

– O : Redo (Up to 20)

– W : Redraw the current screen

– M : Automatic screen move during punching

– . : Change running type

– , : Change running status

– Left Shift : Change the punching screen color

– Ctrl : Switch the punching background screen color with black

– Alt + Zoom: Enlarge certain sections on the punching screen

– K : Search blocks

– Insert : Register blocks (After moving points, add block points)

– Delete : Delete blocks (After moving points, delete block points)

– L : Search points

– Space: Select the move point function (Able to change point attributes during punching)

– P : Select the parameter correction function

– F : Repeat running in the original direction

– T : Repeat running in the reverse direction

– C : Copy

– V : Paste

– E : Change the end point of a block

– R : Change the start point of a block

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