Step by Step wilcom Tutorial

Dear friends, in this tutorial we will explain step by step how to make a sewing pattern using wilcom.

After making a sewing pattern using wilcom you will be able to insert the pattern maximum of the brand like JUKI, BROTHER, SUNSTAR, TAZIMA, PAFF etc.  to sew.

So, after installing the wilcom software follow our instruction

How to open the software

First click on Start => Program=>WilcomES=>Designer

Wilcom starting page

You will see following screen on the PC. If your willcom installation already successfully completed.

If your wilcom doesn’t open please try to re-install.

Click on the character A & write on screen what do you like

Select the word what you write using click by mouse of pressing Ctrl+A. Then click on right button of your mouse & click on the selected tools

Using same process click on the selected tools.

Now click on Shift+R together, After that click on play button & see what happen.



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