Requirements to get Payoneer Prepaid Master Card

Requirements to get Payoneer Prepaid Master Card:

If you don’t know how to create a payoneer account also you can visit our previous post here.  This should lead you to a special page in Payoneer and you can fill in your details and create an account. To create an account on Payoneer you will need one of these:

  • National ID Card or
  • Driving License or
  • International Passport

 The following charges are applicable in case you are using Payoneer:

  • Monthly card account maintenance $3 ($1 if there are 2+ transactions in a month)
  • Per withdrawal from ATM $2.15
  • Declined ATM withdrawal $0.90
  • Balance inquiry using ATM booth $0.90
  • Online/offline (POS) purchase using the card is free.
  • Card replacement $12.95



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