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JUKI Programming software PM-1 Tutorial 1


This manual describes how to use basic programs. Refer to the “HELP” of this program for detailed explanation of functions.

Starting & Terminating the program:

When the PM-1 is installed in your personal computer, “JUKI PM-1 X.XX” group will be created in the start menu program within which “JUKI PM-1. EXE” will be created.

Specify the “JUKI PM-1. EXE” to start the program. When the program is initiated, the initial screen will appear on the display.

Click on “New” to create new pattern data, or “Open,” “Pattern data H/D input,” “Pattern data F/D input” or “Pattern data ROM input,” according to the purpose, to read existing pattern data for edit.

To terminate the program, save the sewing data you want to store in memory and specify “Exit JUKI PM-1” from the files contained in the menu bar.

General Operation follow:

The following chart gives the general operation flow and relevant precautions.

Precautions for use:

The following precautions should always be followed when using the PM-1.

  1. PM-1 is not able to handle elliptic configurations. If a circle or arc is enlarged/reduced with the scale in length and that in width set to different values, needle entry points will form an oval or a part of it. In this case, however, the configuration will remain the circle or arc. (This means that only the configuration points will be arithmetically computed with enlarged/reduced.) As a result, the needle entry points will be separated from the configuration to create point sewing data.
  1. Several minutes will be taken to input/transfer data on/to a ROM.
  1. The size of initial display on the edit screen will be determined depending on the size specified for the edit size or the largest one of the pattern sizes. Any reduced display smaller than the initial display size is not possible. The limit of the scale for the enlarged display is also determined by the size of initial display.
  1. Since the reverse sewing is performed by tracing the original stitches produced by the normal-direction sewing, the original stitches and reverse stitches cannot be separated. As a result, no sewing can be added between any original stitch and reverse stitch.
    In the case where “insertion after element” is selected during the mechanical command inserting procedure, the mechanical command will be inserted after the last element of data including reverse sewing.
  1. Grid display may not appear on the screen if the grid interval is excessively small. In this case, increase the grid interval or make the screen to give an enlarged view of the grid display.

Edit Screen:

The edit screen is illustrated below. Most operations are conducted on this screen.

Position the pointer in the function contained in the menu bar, tool bar and sub tool bar to be executed and click the mouse button. Then, operate the personal computer according to the messages given in the status bar or dialog box.



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