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  1. What is a Keylogger?

Keylogger (also known as spy software) is small software use to monitor keystroke of a specific computer’s keyboard. To install a keylogger software just need a few seconds or once mouse click.

  1. How Keylogger works?

After installing keylogger in a PC, That starts own job in the background (stealth mode) and captures every keystroke, screen shoot of the targeted computer.

Example:  If the users of the targeted computer open and type his “username” and the “password” in the respective fields to login. The keylogger silently records these keystrokes and stores them in the logs. These logs when opened up shows the captured “username” and “password“. Along with this, you will also be shown that they were typed in the Yahoo login page. Thus, the keylogger loads upon every startup, runs in the background and captures each and every keystroke.


  1. How to install the keylogger?

A keylogger can be installed just like any other program. Just follow the screen instructions and you’re done.

  1. Do I need any special knowledge to install and use the keylogger?

Absolutely NOT! Anyone can do that who have basic knowlwdge on computer. It requires no special skill or education.

  1. Once I install the keylogger, can the target user come to know about its presence?

No. The target user will never come to know about the presence of the keylogger on his/her computer. This is because, once installed, the keylogger will run in total stealth mode. Unlike other programs, it will never show up in the start-menu, windows startup, program files, add/remove programs or the task manager. So, the victim can no way identify its presence on his/her PC.

  1. Can I be traced back if I install the keylogger on some other computer?

No, it’s almost impossible to trace back to you for installing the keylogger on other’s PC.

  1. Which keylogger is the best?

Lots of keypoggers are available most of them are no more than a scam. So, I have personally tested some keyloggers Perfect keylogger, Ardamax keylogger, Sniper spy, winspy, Realtime-Spy etc.



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