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How to Read/Write data to EPRPM part 1

Write data from file to E-Rom/EEPROM:

Step by step i will explain in this topic how to reading & writing data from eepram/memory IC. Lets start, first connect the programmer with pc & install the CD what given with the device.

After connect the Flash Writer to the Computer. Click on the Flash Writer Icon the main menu will appear.

Click on Type icon. The Type menu will appear. Click 27XXX. Select the E-Prom type. (For KE435C/435B select 27C020, For LK3-B434E selects 27C512). Click OK.

The File menu will appear. Click Browse.

Select the Rom file that you have save in your folder then click Open.

The file menu will appear click on the Binary/Machine Code. Then click Load.

The Show Sum Form menu will appear. Click OK.

Put a blank E-Prom in the Slave slot and lock it.

The Master slot must also be lock.

Uncheck the Erase box.

Click the Run Icon the Flash writer will start running. When everything finish it will show PASS.



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