How to replace knife of a sewing machine


  1. Open the shuttle race cover, remove the two screws (1), and then remove the feed plate (2).
  2. Remove the two screws (3) and the two flat screws (4), and then remove the needle plate (5).
  3.  Remove the movable knife (6) and the fixed knife (7).

  1. Install new fixed knife (7) in the position shown in the illustration.
  2. Apply grease to the outside of the collar (8) and the shoulder screw (9), and then install the new movable knife (6) together with the thrust washer (10) and movable knife spacer (11).
  3. Check that the movable knife (6) and the fixed knife (7) cut the thread cleanly.
  4. Apply grease to the pin (12) of the movable knife, and then insert it into the hole in the movable knife connecting plate (13). Then, while placing the pin (15) of thread nipper connecting plate F into the hole in thread nipper D (14), install the needle plate (5).
  5. Check that the center of the needle hole and the needle are aligned.



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