How to get a Free International MasterCard

Free International Credit Card:

MasterCard is very important for them who are doing business or in online jobs. I faced many problems due to lack of MasterCard. In European countries it is easy to get. But in Country’s people doesn’t know what is it, why a people should use this, it is not so difficult to get if you know the procedure. So I would like to give you some information to get a Free MasterCard for all. It is 100% free and Shipping also doesn’t cost. Don’t Miss the opportunity. I think it is better than your local credit card.

First: Make sure that you have an email. We recommend Google Mail (gmail) to follow this tutorial until success. If you do not have email, please CLICK HERE to create a Google Mail (Gmail accounts) for free.

Second: CLICK HERE to register a Payoneer account.

Click on Sign Up Now

Following page will display on screen Select your country & select Prepaid “MasterCard Card” then click on SIGN UP.

Now you need to enter your contact details and click on  “NEXT”, Remember to enter you address correctly, because they will send you mastercard to this address.

Now enter you security details, enter a valid password and click on  “NEXT”

The next step is to verify your identity, Select any of the 3 options to verify, Driver’s license, passport or national ID. and accept their policy and click on “ORDER”

Now you will receive an email and once your payoneer Prepaid Debit Mastercard is approved, your card will be shipped to your address.

Now you may wait maximum 15 to 20 days depending on your location, sometimes it takes more time. remember if you have given the address correctly.

Thank you very much to visit our site enjoy the facilities of master card.



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