Garments Drill Machine

Drill Machine:

Where reference marks are needed away from the edge of a garment Part, such as for the position of pockets, button hole, darts and similar features, a hole is often drilled through all the plies of fabric in the lay.
Drill machine

Features of Drill Machine:

  1. The drill mounting includes a motor, a base plate with a hole to allow the drill to pass through, and a spirit level to ensure that the base is horizontal and hence the drill vertical.
  2. The momentum of drill is completed at 90 ̊ angle in the fabric lay by the level of sprit.
  3. On many fabrics the drill is used cold and the hole remains visible until the sewing operator comes to use it.
  4. For tightly woven fabric the hole is permanent for a long time.
  5. On looser weave fabrics, where the hole may close up, a hot drill is used, which will slightly scorch (দগ্ধ) or fuse the edges of the hole to make it permanent for a long time.
  6. A hypodermic (or dye spot) drill may also be used which leaves a small deposit of paint on ply of fabric to find the mark place easily.
  7. All drill holes must eventually be concealed (অদৃশ্য) by the construction of the garments.

Advantage of Drill Machine:

  1. This machine is needed to mark on the end of components of dresses specially for setting pocket, dart & so on.
  2. It can make the hole permanently for a long.

Dis-advantage of Drill Machine:

  1. The use of machine is limited.

Uses/Application of Drill Machine:

It is used to make hole on the fabric for button attaching & to make reference mark for attaching different small components on the garments.

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