Create quality full lettering using wilcom with very simply. ES Designer provides a large range of saleable closest-join alphabet styles and multi-color and fancy stitching alphabets to choose from.

Use Lettering (Input toolbar) to add lettering directly on-screen.

If it is not essential to fit letters precisely to a certain area, you can type them directly on-screen as with a word processor. Current lettering settings are used. You can change these before or after you digitize. You can also modify lettering objects directly on-screen to achieve various artistic effects.

To create lettering on-screen

1 Click the Lettering icon.

2 Select a color from the color palette.

3 Click where you want to start typing.

4 Type the letters you want to embroider.

    Tip: To start a new line, press Shift + Enter.

5 Press Enter to complete.

6 Select Stitch > Generate Stitches or press G.

To create lettering with the Lettering dialog

 1. Right-click the Lettering icon. The Object Properties – Lettering dialog opens.

2. Enter the text you want to embroider in the text entry panel. To start a new line of lettering, press Enter.

Tip: You can insert a color change between two letters by keying a caret (^) symbol.    Subsequent letters default to the next color in the palette.

3. Select alphabet, formatting and baseline settings for the lettering. See Selecting alphabets and Formatting lettering for details.

4. Click OK.

5. Click where you want to place the lettering, or mark reference points for the baseline you selected. See Applying lettering baselines for details.

6 Press Enter.
7 Select Stitch > Generate Stitches or press G.



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