Adjusting the work clamp lift amount & air pressure

Adjusting the work clamp lift amount:

The maximum lift amount for the clamp is 30 mm above the top of the needle plate

  1. Turn on the air, and depress the work clamp switch (1) to raise the work clamp (2)
  2. Loosen the two bolts (4) of the work clamp arm lever (3), and move the work clamp arm lever (3) up or down to adjust.

Adjusting the air pressure:

Lift up the handle (2) of the regulator (1) and then turn it to adjust the air pressure to 0.5 MPa.

After adjustment is complete, push the handle (2) downward to lock it.

If water has collected in the bottle of the regulator (1), turn the drain cock (3) in the direction indicated by an arrow to drain the water.

Note: Open the air cock (4) slowly



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