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Adjusting the thread wiper & intermittent presser foot (BAS-326G)

Adjusting the thread wiper

Adjusting the thread wiper:

  1. Loosen the two screws (3) and shift the entire solenoid setting plate (4) up or down to adjust so that the thread wiper (2) is 15 mm in front of the needle center when the plunger (1) of the thread wiper solenoid is driven to the full stroke.
  2. Loosen the screw (5) and adjust the position of the thread wiper (2) so that distance from the thread wiper to the tip of the needle is approximately 2 mm and the tip of the thread wiper (2) is approximately 3 mm from the center of the needle when the thread wiper (2) passes below the needle during operation.

Intermittent presser foot installation position

Intermittent presser foot installation position:

Install the intermittent presser foot (1) with the screw (2) so that the distance from the bottom of the intermittent presser foot to the top of the needle plate is 19.5 mm when the sewing machine is stopped and the intermittent presser foot (1) is raised.



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