Adjusting the holding pressure

Adjusting the holding pressure (BE-438D)

Loosen the nut (1) and turn the nut (2) to the point where it is just tight enough that the material will not slip out of place when it is slightly pulled (keep pressure as slight as possible).

Adjusting the position of the button clamp (BE-438D)

  1. Loosen the two bolts (1) and adjust the button clamp base (2) by moving it.
  2. Carry out test feeding to check that the needle will go through the button hole with no contact.

Adjusting the thread trimmer cam position:

  1. Remove the top cover.
  2. Loosen the two set screws (1), and then adjust the position of the thread trimmer cam (3) so that the distance between the edge of the collar shaft (2) and the edge of the thread trimmer cam (3) is 0.2 – 0.5 mm. After adjusting, tighten the two set screws (1).



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