Adjusting Rotary hook lubrication and hook stopper’s overlap (BROTHER BAS 326G)


Adjusting the inner rotary hook and hook stopper overlap:

Loosen the two screws (3) to adjust so that the tip of the hook stopper (1) does not protrude past edge A of the inner rotary hook (2)

Rotary hook lubrication amount
Turn the adjusting screw (1) to adjust the lubrication amount.
# Adjust so that approximately 10 drops of oil are released when the sewing machine is run at a speed of 2,700 sti/min for three cycles to sew about 150 stitches. Use karft paper (2) of similar to catch the oil drops. As a guide, the optimum position can be obtain if the adjusting screw (1) is tightened as much as possible and then loosened about one turn.

• If the adjusting screw (1) is turned clockwise, the lubrication amount becomes smaller.
• If the adjusting screw (1) is turned counterclockwise, the lubrication amount becomes greater.



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