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How to install a Keylogger

I will share my knowledge on Keylogger for that you will able to know how to hacker hack email passwords (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, facebook bank account, credit card etc.) using keylogger. Using a keylogger it is very easy to make a nice remote server on victims PC. Here I will focus how a hacker hack password from remote places.

In the end of this tutorial you will see small software will generate. Hackers send that software using email or they attach with some free software.

1. First install ardamax just next next then finish. Now see windows task bar at extreme right side of your PC. Open the window which look like bellows picture.

Right click on that and then open remote installation as given below

2. After doing that steps press next, a dialog box will display click on next then (Appearance) will display on the screen.

3. In the appearance tab giving information that, your keylogger should be installed in system directory (1) and you may bind your program with your keylogger in (2)

4. Your keylogger will be invisible so that others user unable to detect it easily. In this tab check all option and then click next.

5. In the following tab displaying security option click on “enable” button (1) set password. It is better if you ignore this option just press next without doing any changes.

6. It is important, in (1), you have to choose your logs delivery method whether it is http of ftp. You will get best performance if use your own domain, in my case it is ftp. In (2), a conformation email has sent my email. Recommended time to send email is maximum 10 minutes.

7. Now times to set up ftp options, here give your ftp host name, your user name password and the other folder to saving logs in (3). You can also test the performance by clicking on “TEST” button then check your log of ftp accounts.

8. Click on next in this option.

9. Now choose the destination where to save an .exe file. You may also change the its Icon as shown in the picture.

10. Now your keylogger installation is completed. It is now ready to build. Just press finish button & you have opened explorer where the spying tools has installed.

11. Displaying in the picture you can send this picture using email & others different way.

Anti virus will detect this file as a virus. if you send this keylogger to any victim by mail or others way. you have to make this tools antivirus undetectable. There are many options to make undetectable a keylogger file. Also some paid undetectable keylogger available in the market.



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